Benefits of Medical Marijuana to solve the Opioid Crisis~!

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As I'm sure you are well aware, America is experiencing an opioid epidemic! Just in 2016, 116 people died everyday from opioid-related drug overdoses! This makes it over 42,000 Americans who lost their lives in 2016 only because of drug abuse! This is at par with social issues such as deaths because of car accidents over a year in the united states.

Medical Marijuana in a pills with marijuana plant. This problem of opioid overuse also leads to heroin addiction which is another form of opioids. Nearly half of young people who inject heroin start by misusing opioids. Further to exacerbate the situation, doctors willingly give out opioids because opioid manufacturers, aka the Pharmaceutical companies, are offering pay backs in terms of non-cash benefits, to the doctors, every time they write an opioid prescription. Therefore this problem is entirely self created by society unlike other fatalities that are a result of reasons out of our control currently.

Clearly this needs to stop immediately! However the larger questions is, how do we stop this epidemic? Is there an alternative to the patients taking opioids as a prescription drug for their medical condition and then being addicted to the side-effects? The answer luckily is YES! Medical cannabis!

Medical cannabis is a much safer pain relief drug. It is known to reduce anxiety, nausea and pain and in some cases even Cancer! Medical trials are still ongoing and are made difficult because of the FDA classification of Marijuana as a Schedule I drug. ZERO people have died from a marijuana overdose, ever. 29 states have medical marijuana and 9 states and DC have recreational marijuana. Prescribing cannabis instead of opioids could save thousands of lives.

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