Referred article -- The Principal of Change Stories of learning and leading

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Above is where the original article shows. Good read. We feel that in addition to the 8 characteristics that George talks about in his article, we should have "eccentricity" as one of the main characteristics as well for possible success of the entrepreneur in being innovative and therefore successful. Read on..


Benefits of Medical Marijuana to solve the Opioid Crisis~!

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!!Hi There from the Innovators for safe and ethical use of Medicines!!


As I'm sure you are well aware, America is experiencing an opioid epidemic! Just in 2016, 116 people died everyday from opioid-related drug overdoses! This makes it over 42,000 Americans who lost their lives in 2016 only because of drug abuse! This is at par with social issues such as deaths because of car accidents over a year in the united states.